Rotary Vane Pumps

AngloCarbon manufacture and supply rotary vane pumps for a range of industries.

Vane pumps fit with carbon vanes and rotors can be used in gaseous applications either as compressors or vacuum pumps, or in liquids.

The common range of applications is for pressures up to 2 bar, (although this can be extended to 3 bar, by using more specialised materials), and down to 0.1mm Hg for vacuum pumps.

Peripheral speeds up to 12.5 metres/sec can be experienced, but the higher speeds again require high performance materials, pumps handling liquids are normally used in transfer or metering applications and working pressures are lower although the volumetric throughput may be higher.

Rotary Vacuum Pumps Design 

The use of impregnated carbon or resin bonded carbon vane material has enabled designers to produce pumps that will operate without lubrication. In certain cases it is necessary to fit carbon end plates to prevent contact between the rotor and the metal end plate.

This also permits the pump to be constructed with a smaller end float on the rotor than could normally be envisaged which may result in gains in operating efficiency.

Material Features

  • High mechanical strength, transverse, compressive and impact
  • Good lubricity, capable of operating in non-lubricated situations, even in vacuum
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (ideally matching that of the rotor)
  • Resistance to attack by liquids being handled, and chemically inert and non-toxic
  • Good wear resistance

Typical applications

  • Automotive, fuel pumps and central locking
  • Food industry, drinks dispenser
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Dry running pumps and compressors

Production methods

For high volume production our resin bonded materials can be moulded to size, alternatively small to medium batch volumes are CNC machined to exacting tolerances and finish.

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Rotary vacuum pumps

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