Packing Rings

AngloCarbon manufacture and supply packing rings for a wide range of industries. Our packing slips are manufactured specifically for your application, from small single component orders through to large batches.

The Material

All of our packing rings are made from specially selected or designed materials to suit customers’ needs for temperature ranges from -200°C (cryogenics) up to +600°C.

Resin bonded grades may be produced using well-established resins or modern advanced resins, such as polyimide, for special applications requiring high temperature resistance and impact strength. Other material features are low coefficient of expansion, resistance to attack by the liquids being handled, and chemically inert and non-toxic.

We recommend electrographite, carbon/graphite and polyimide materials for use in high temperature applications, and for chemical and abrasive media we have a large range of filled PTFE grades available, with glass fibre, copper, bronze, molybdenum disulphide, carbon and graphite as filling components, as well as pure PTFE to choose from.

The properties of filled PTFE can vary greatly depending upon the percentage of filler, so the grade supplied must be carefully chosen for customers’ particular applications, and may need to be fine-tuned as a bespoke product in some cases.

Our technical staff have extensive knowledge of matching grades to customers’ requirements and are always available for discussion on the selection of materials.

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