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Anglo Carbon, founded in 1959, is a privately owned company which manufactures a diverse range of carbon and graphite based products and materials for electrical, mechanical and high/low temperature applications.

In order to remain competitive and be at the forefront of providing technologically advanced specialist products and materials to an ever-demanding market, Anglo Carbon has a policy of continuous improvement and innovation.

To achieve this, Research and Development is constantly carried out at a dedicated facility located in the West Sussex area, where material technologists formulate new grades, based upon over 50 years of experience in the production of electrical and mechanical carbons, combined with the latest available raw materials.

According to customer requirements, existing grades may be fine-tuned to enhance performance in a particular application, or completely new materials formulated, the great advantage being that a fast response by this team is possible in order to provide bespoke samples for testing in the field at an early stage.

All basic production materials are manufactured in West Sussex and are thoroughly tested and inspected before passing to our main establishment in West Yorkshire, where final machining and assembly takes place prior to despatching to customers. ON site we have CAD/CAM facilities, modern CNC machines, and impregnation vessels to enable post treatment of finished components to further enhance material suitability to customers’ needs.

Our aim is for total customer satisfaction.

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