Battery Electric Vehicles & Mechanical Handling Components

Dairy milk float, golf trolley and wheelchair brushes

Anglo carbon manufacture carbon brushes to order with very short lead times from just one motor set, up to high volumes with scheduled contact call-offs if required.

Our special copper and carbo-graphite grades ensure optimum motor performance and brush life.

Forklift truck and narrow aisle handling system brushes

This market is well served by Anglo Carbon at O.E.M., aftermarket and distributor levels including export. Again an extensive range of grades is available for adaptation to your application.

Our materials are suitable for arduous environmental situations such as cold stores as well as tropical conditions.

Narrow aisle handling systems using D.C. thyristor drives can suffer from very short brush life and high commuter wear due to light motor loading and low commutator temperature, we have developed a solution to this problem, which offers a considerably improved service life.