Flexible Braided Earthing Straps

AngloCarbon supply a wide selection of high quality braided earthing straps. Our earthing straps can be supplied with a range of insulating sleeves, including colour coded heat shrink insulation.

Our many years in the industry has given us the tools and experience to produce an outstanding quality product. Our earthing straps are flexible and highly conductive; often used in electrical distribution.

We can produce straps to suit your application, considering the¬†braid, termination and insulation to give you a material with optimum performance for it’s purpose.

Tin Plated & Copper Earth Straps

We stock a broad range of round and flat braided flex, and offer terminals both in plain copper and tin plated. From which we can produce highly flexible earthing connectors, which are used in switchgear, and many other industries.

Flat braided assemblies are also available on request, either as a single piece, or multiple straps.

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