Research and Development

Material research and development lies at the heart of our company, working in close consultation with our customer base.

Carbon, graphite and polymer materials are available in rounds and plate form, for machinists specialising in carbon brushes, seals and bearings and advanced plastics around the world.

Our technical staff have extensive knowledge of matching grades to customers’ requirements and are always available for discussion on the selection of materials. All of our materials are available on very short lead times and if needed new formulations can be created for your particular application and samples provided for evaluation at an early stage of product development.


All our materials are thoroughly tested and inspected before leaving us.

We have test facilities to support all three of our main areas of activity, electrical, mechanical and high temperature applications.

As well as performing tests on the physical characteristics of our materials, we are also able to perform wear/life testing, under varying electrical and mechanical loads, and at low and high temperatures to simulate the conditions our materials are used in.


Over 100 different grades are formulated and produced including:

  • Graphite and electrographite
  • Pitch bonded carbons
  • Resin bonded carbon graphite
  • Metalized grades including copper, silver and bronze
  • PTFE filled
  • Polyimide

As well as producing blocks, plates and billets, we have a high volume manufacturing capacity for moulding to size both electrical and mechanical products, either eliminating or greatly reducing the need for finish machining.

All of our products are made from specially selected or designed materials to suit customers’ needs for temperature ranges from -200 deg. C (cryogenics) up to +600 deg. C.

Post treatment

In some instances it may be necessary for us to post treat our materials, to further enhance their properties for certain applications. This usually takes the form of metal, resin or pitch impregnation, and anti – oxidation treatment for very high temperature use.

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