Manapouri Powerstation

Power Generation Natural Graphite

The PN range is a new generation of turbo generator slip ring brushes and shaft grounding brushes which provide extended service life.

The range has greater current carrying capacities of 10 -12 amps/cm² together with greater current sharing properties due to their low resistance properties.

PN materials also have greater uniform patina film building properties that ensures greater reliability.

The PN range of turbo generator brushes uses the latest manufacturing processes which greatly reduces the manufacturing process allowing extremely quick deliveries and making PN materials very competitively priced.

earthing brush manufactured by anglo carbon


• Nuclear
• Fossil
• Hydro
• Biomass
• Geothermal


• Low Noise
• Low Friction
• High Start Currents
• Excellent Current Sharing
• Long Service Life

Physical DataPN6PN20PN50PN21PN22 
Bulk Density1.721.441.701.401.25g/cm³
Bending strength80701006060Kg/cm²
Shore Hardness1515261010